Ep 8 Drones in the Enterprise: Flying High with Auterion

A Swiss-based drone platform developer and enabler of innovation opens up about the evolving capabilities of drones for the enterprise, the challenges and opportunities ahead, and how organizations can spin up their own drone programs one step at a time with minimal risk.

Today we're speaking with Laurent Zimmerli, Head of Product Marketing at Auterion out of Zurich, Switzerland.

Auterion produces an enterprise drone software platform built specifically for commercial applications like mapping, inspection, public safety, and even cargo delivery - which powers drones from some of the most advanced manufacturers in the world, including General Electric (GE) Aviation and the U.S. Department of Defense.

And Laurent, with a background in software engineering, is responsible for making sure that drone manufacturers and their end users out in the field, understand how to remain competitive as drone capabilities continue to evolve.

Those end users may be energy and utility companies, mapping data providers, or really anybody operating in environments that could potentially put humans at risk while keeping eyes and ears on critical infrastructure.

So Auterion is the company whose autopilot, mission control, and workflow integration software is enabling this futuristic version of Industry 4.0 - and Laurent is here to fill us in on the latest in drone technology, and more importantly how this technology fits into enterprise workflows in the field.

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