Ep 7 Connecting the Future: Data + Power with TE Connectivity

The world's leading provider of physical connectivity solutions, from outer space to the ocean floor, reflects on the past 20 years of industrial automation driven by the 2008 global recession and the more recent 2020 global pandemic, plus the changing nature of physical automation.

Today we're speaking with Davy Brown, CTO & VP of Industrial Solutions at TE Connectivity out of Zurich, Switzerland.

If you've never heard of them before, that's okay because TE is one of those companies that sits quietly in the background but enables much of the physical world around us with connectivity and sensor products built for harsh environments.

And to support their role as an industrial leader, TE employees over 80,000 people that serve a wide range of sectors, from energy to medical to aerospace and automative, and pretty much anywhere that you might find heavy duty components.

Because TE sits on the physical side of Industry 4.0, the demand for their products very much reflects the changing nature of industrial productivity, so that's exactly what Davy is here to discuss with us.

As a CTO, Davy's job is to understand the needs of his industrial customers, both today and tomorrow... and to make sure that TE is delivering the future, so to speak.

In fact, one of the key themes Davy has seen over the past 20 years is two waves of heightened focus on automation. The first coming after the 2008 global recession, and the second just over a decade later in response to the current global pandemic.

The bad news is, the landscape is becoming hyper competitive. But the good new is, there are more opportunities than ever before to reduce cost and introduce new streams of revenue, which Davy is going to shed some light on.

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