Ep 6 Tools of Innovation: Creativity and Co-Creation (Siemens, Part 2)

Two dynamic leaders from Siemens explore the source of innovation in any organization... creativity. Both in the artistic sense and as a practical skill that can be developed as part of a larger digital transformation strategy. (part 2 of 2)

Today we're speaking with two individuals from Siemens, which of course is perhaps THE most reputable industrial organization in the world, with 173 years of engineering excellence behind them, including both in-house manufacturing and professional services.

Yet, one of the problems with being so successful is companies tend to get stuck in their ways and lose their competitive edge. So Siemens has had to undergo their own transformation in recent decades, which has been underpinned in part by a capability that tends to be ignored by older institutions... creativity.

But today we're not talking only about creativity in the artistic sense, we're talking about creativity as a skill that can be developed as the foundation of a larger digital transformation strategy.

So this isn't going to be your typical conversation about the latest technology. This is so much more than that... it's about your people and nurturing their ability to be truly innovative, to come up with radical new products and ways of doing things.

And here with us to have that discussion are Joan Mulvihill and Dr. Julia Jonas.

Joan is a Digitalization Lead for Siemens Ireland - while Julia is a Senior Consultant at Siemens Advanta out of Germany.

But these aren't your average corporate leaders.

In addition to being a multi-award-winning, former CEO of the Irish Internet Association, Joan is also a commissioned artist - meaning she gets paid to indulge her passion for putting colors to canvas. And by extension, represents the creative potential that goes untapped in many companies.

And Julia's role at Advanta gives her a front-row seat to the challenges faced by the world's other leading industrial organizations that Siemens serves through management consulting.

(part 2 of 2)

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