Ep 4 Modern Material Handling: Automated Forklifts with Rocla AGV

A pioneer of autonomous electric warehousing trucks (i.e. forklifts) peels back the many layers of technology that support enhanced safety, greater productivity, and more flexible material handling options in modern industrial facilities.

Today we're speaking with Oskari Lindstedt, American Sales Director for Rocla AGV, a pioneer of electric warehouse trucks originating in Finland that is now a division of industrial super-giant, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Rocla designs and builds automated ground vehicles. Which for our conversation today means robotic forklifts.

And that puts Oskari squarely on the front lines of digital transformation, where he is responsible for helping warehouses and distribution centers across the country become more productive... and safer.

But it's not as simple as setting loose some robots in your facility, because there are multiple layers of technology that makes this level of automation possible.

There is, of course, the actual robots that are built from scratch, which completely redefine the look and behavior of traditional forklifts.

And then there's the software control system that coordinates where the vehicles go, what they do, and prevent collisions with both objects and people.

And finally there's the integration back to the warehouse management system which is where the actual business value is derived from having intelligent ground vehicles.

So there's a lot going on that has to take into account people, process, information, and physical movement. And that's where Rocla steps in to guide its customers from the strategic decisions to the ground-level implementation.

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