Ep 2 Not Your Grandpappy's ERP! (Epicor)

A global leader in small to mid-market digital manufacturing transformation sheds light on the beating heart of tomorrow' factory... cloud-based ERP that moves beyond yesterday's one-size-fits all software. We're talking personalized workflows, AI assistants, and out-of-the-box IoT data solutions that support new capabilities and productivity.

This ain't your grandpappy's ERP.

Two senior tech and marketing leaders from Epicor discuss the present and future of cloud-based ERP for manufacturing, moving beyond yesterday's cumbersome on-premise databases that were expensive to maintain and of marginal use for mission critical business insight.

Terri Pruett Hiskey (VP of Global Product Marketing) and Stephen Edgington (VP of Engineering) lean on experience serving over 20,000 customers to shed light on what they call the "digital core," an informational epicenter (no pun intended) that ingests, transforms, and intelligently presents data based on who's using the software and what they're doing at any given moment from the factory floor to the top floor.

Terri and Stephen also talk AI assistants and perhaps most importantly, what customers are increasingly demanding: out-of-the-box IoT data solutions that support new capabilities and productivity with minimal effort and disruption.

Finally, we look at some real-world success stories from race cars to the kitchenware brand that's probably sitting in your cupboard right now.


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