Ep 17 Collaborative Analytics: Business Decisions at the Edge with Aginity

Data and decisions are moving from centralized warehouses to the edge of organizations. Aginity CEO, Rick Hall, reveals how collaborative analytics enable decisions to be made in real time without waiting weeks or even months for I.T. to push out new data models.

In this episode we're speaking with Rick Hall, CEO of Aginity, a California-based cloud provider of analytics software whose mission is to reinvent the process of accessing and analyzing data that traditionally has been stuck in massive, centralized silos.

Aginity's success is proof positive that a major shift is happening at this very moment. Where data is moving from central warehouses out to the edge of organizations where decisions must be made quickly without waiting for engineers and I.T. teams to deliver perfectly crafted data models.

And the businesses that embrace this trend will be the winners, which we're seeing as they empower their analysts with the tools and independence to supplement centralized models - having the freedom to access and ingest their own variations of data and common business models.

So Rick is here to share with us more about the emergence of what he calls collaborative analytics, and what you can do to make sure you're staying competitive.

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