Ep 16 A New Era of Manufacturing ERP: Real-Time and User-Friendly with Fulcrum

A new breed of ERP is emerging for manufacturers and Fulcrum is leading the pack. CEO, Sunny Han, discusses real-time awareness and an obsession over usability - two generational leaps that enable more immediate, competitive business decisions while promising rapid implementation and eager adoption.

In this episode we're speaking with Sunny Han, Founder and CEO of Fulcrum, a Minneapolis-based cloud provider of ERP software billed as the manufacturing operating system of the future.

We've covered ERP in other episodes, but this is the first time we've seen an ERP tool that represents a truly new generation of software, built from scratch within the last decade versus being a continuous upgrade from software that originated in the 1980's and 90's.

That's an important distinction because, as Sunny will explain, the new age of digital twins is all about philosophical, behavioral, and other changes not directly related to technology, which can be difficult to get from legacy products that are constrained by decisions made long ago.

In fact, Fulcrum was only founded in 2015, a full decade after the first generation of SaaS and cloud really took off. So they've been able to take what works for the cloud, envision the future of purely cloud-based organizations, and start from scratch building a product with that future in mind.

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