Ep 15 Catalyzing Innovation with Venture Partnerships (with Siemens & NavVis)

Industrial giant, Siemens, and their early stage partner, NavVis, discuss how venture partnerships can catalyze innovation internally and bring big benefits to customers... whether you're a large corporate, brand new startup, or somewhere in between.

In this episode we're speaking with Sven Scheuble and Ignacio Perez Hallerbach.

Sven is Vice President and Partner at Siemens Advanta Consulting out of Munich.

Ignacio is Vice President and Global Head of Partners & Platform at NavVis out of London.

Together, Sven and Ignacio are here to discuss how venture partnerships between large corporates and early stage startups can catalyze innovation for both.

Bridging the gap between the physical and digital world, NavVis enables companies to capture and share the built environment as photorealistic digital twins. Their SLAM-based mobile mapping systems generate high-quality data with survey-grade accuracy at speed and scale.

So Siemens and NavVis are working together to leverage the benefits that each can bring to the market, and therefore deliver more value to customers than otherwise possible.

This model of venture partnering is available to pretty much anyone, so I've asked Sven and Ignacio to help us understand how the model works and what it can do for you and your customers.

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