Ep 14 A Blueprint for Digital Innovation with Onshape

A veteran entrepreneur in engineering design software lays out a blueprint for digital innovation at any size organization... exploring what it takes to align everyone in the business behind a common goal with a digitally-native, problem-solving mindset.

In this episode we're speaking with John McEleney, Corporate VP of Strategy at PTC.

This conversation is coming right on the heels of our interview with Steve Dertien, CTO at PTC, who talked about the evolving role of SaaS and cloud in engineering organizations.

PTC, in its quest to enable a SaaS and cloud based future for their customers, recently acquired Onshape, the cloud-based 3D CAD tool.

And John, with us today, is the co-founder of Onshape.

But it gets better, because even if you haven't heard of Onshape, you've almost certainly heard of SolidWorks, for which John was the longstanding CEO all the way through SolidWorks' acquisition by Dassault and beyond until he and the founders of SolidWorks moved on to found OnShape.

So John is here to share a wealth of experience around innovation at engineering-focused companies, including lessons learned and techniques that you can apply to any size organization.

This is about as close as we can get to a blueprint for success because John's insights form the DNA for innovation in any organization - that is to align every single person in your business behind a common goal that demands new approaches and a deep understanding of your customers' problems.

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