Ep 12 Track & Trace EVERYthing: A New Internet of People and Things with Microshare

A leading provider of asset tracking solutions spells out the new rules of engagement post-COVID... how new standards of health and safety are being enabled by wearable, anonymous, inexpensive devices that can respect our privacy while delivering material benefits beyond the pandemic.

In this episode we're speaking with Ron Rock, Co-Founder and CEO of Microshare, an IoT software company that was perfectly positioned at just the right time to help the industrial world respond to COVID.

And not just respond, but also to proactively define new standards of health and safety in workplaces that require physical presence. In short, there's simply no way to hide from a global pandemic, nor will there be for future pandemics, because industries like manufacturing, distribution, energy, and many others don't have the luxury of remote work.

But in Ron's words, what organizations can do is create a social contract with employees, partners, and customers that they will be operating in a safe environment no matter the threat. And that social contract should be supported by tools that enhance work, not create more cost and barriers to getting work done.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg, because Ron sees us entering a new era where asset tracking and contact tracing will be a part of every single thing around us - truly an Internet of Things, which may be more accurate to call an Internet of People and Things. And of course this is a future that should be extremely careful to regard the privacy of the individuals who are are supposed to benefit from these tools.

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