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Ep 3 Cloud Collaboration: PLM Grows Up (Canvas GFX)

A leader in technical illustration software discusses the future of engineering collaboration across the entire product lifecycle, improving productivity from sales to design to support - from ideation to sunset. Canvas GFX reveals how critical product data is moving from data silos to the cloud, ushering in a new era of competitive efficiencies for both startups and global giants.

Ep 2 Not Your Grandpappy's ERP! (Epicor)

A global leader in small to mid-market digital manufacturing transformation sheds light on the beating heart of tomorrow' factory... cloud-based ERP that moves beyond yesterday's one-size-fits all software. We're talking personalized workflows, AI assistants, and out-of-the-box IoT data solutions that support new capabilities and productivity.

Ep 1 Beyond Prototyping: 3D Printing at Scale with Carbon

Jon Bruner, Head of Enterprise Strategy for San Francisco-based Carbon, explores how their industrial-scale 3D printers are enabling product engineers to go all the way to high volume production on the same hardware used for prototyping... plus technical innovations and recent real-world success stories.

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Introducing a new interview series that highlights the innovators of Industry 4.0 and provides industrial enterprise leaders with strategic guidance for adopting new technologies to stay competitive. First episode drops in August...

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