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Ep 18 Getting More Out of Complex Data Integrations: 1+1=4 with Preferred Strategies

What does it take to weave meaningful views of data from the myriad of sources that successful companies tend to accumulate over time? Adam Crigger of Preferred Strategies, a business intelligence provider, shares some hard-won wisdom about getting the most out of your investments in data integration, whether you're a small manufacturer or an industry-giant.

Ep 17 Collaborative Analytics: Business Decisions at the Edge with Aginity

Data and decisions are moving from centralized warehouses to the edge of organizations. Aginity CEO, Rick Hall, reveals how collaborative analytics enable decisions to be made in real time without waiting weeks or even months for I.T. to push out new data models.

Ep 16 A New Era of Manufacturing ERP: Real-Time and User-Friendly with Fulcrum

A new breed of ERP is emerging for manufacturers and Fulcrum is leading the pack. CEO, Sunny Han, discusses real-time awareness and an obsession over usability - two generational leaps that enable more immediate, competitive business decisions while promising rapid implementation and eager adoption.

Ep 15 Catalyzing Innovation with Venture Partnerships (with Siemens & NavVis)

Industrial giant, Siemens, and their early stage partner, NavVis, discuss how venture partnerships can catalyze innovation internally and bring big benefits to customers... whether you're a large corporate, brand new startup, or somewhere in between.

Ep 14 A Blueprint for Digital Innovation with Onshape

A veteran entrepreneur in engineering design software lays out a blueprint for digital innovation at any size organization... exploring what it takes to align everyone in the business behind a common goal with a digitally-native, problem-solving mindset.

Ep 13 The Evolving Role of SaaS & Cloud in Manufacturing with PTC

A leader in software and services weighs in on the state of the market for SaaS & cloud in manufacturing... where to go from here given so much opportunity, attracting digitally-native talent in a changing workforce, and a promising new dimension to engineering collaboration.

Ep 12 Track & Trace EVERYthing: A New Internet of People and Things with Microshare

A leading provider of asset tracking solutions spells out the new rules of engagement post-COVID... how new standards of health and safety are being enabled by wearable, anonymous, inexpensive devices that can respect our privacy while delivering material benefits beyond the pandemic.

Ep 11 Art of the Possible: Data & Analytics with Infosys

It can be almost impossible to know how to start taking advantage of data locked within organizational silos. Discover the possibilities of using data and analytics to make better, faster decisions with a proven approach to becoming a truly digital-native enterprise.

Ep 10 Indoor Real Time Location Tracking with Quuppa

Find out how the "dot on the map" is made possible indoors in near real time with game-changing low latency. Quuppa's technology is a game changer for its ability to combine the benefits of accuracy and speed while taking advantage of the scalable yet inexpensive nature of low-power bluetooth.

Ep 9 Extracting Enterprise Insights from VR & AR - with Cognitive 3D

Meet the AR & VR software company that aims to change the way human behavior is measured and analyzed in the enterprise. Cognitive 3D helps businesses derive real-world meaning from their digital twins, virtual training environments, and research simulations.

Ep 8 Drones in the Enterprise: Flying High with Auterion

A Swiss-based drone platform developer and enabler of innovation opens up about the evolving capabilities of drones for the enterprise, the challenges and opportunities ahead, and how organizations can spin up their own drone programs one step at a time with minimal risk.

Ep 7 Connecting the Future: Data + Power with TE Connectivity

The world's leading provider of physical connectivity solutions, from outer space to the ocean floor, reflects on the past 20 years of industrial automation driven by the 2008 global recession and the more recent 2020 global pandemic, plus the changing nature of physical automation.

Ep 6 Tools of Innovation: Creativity and Co-Creation (Siemens, Part 2)

Two dynamic leaders from Siemens explore the source of innovation in any organization... creativity. Both in the artistic sense and as a practical skill that can be developed as part of a larger digital transformation strategy. (part 2 of 2)

Ep 5 Tools of Innovation: Creativity and Co-Creation (Siemens, Part 1)

Two dynamic leaders from Siemens explore the source of innovation in any organization... creativity. Both in the artistic sense and as a practical skill that can be developed as part of a larger digital transformation strategy. (part 1 of 2)

Ep 4 Modern Material Handling: Automated Forklifts with Rocla AGV

A pioneer of autonomous electric warehousing trucks (i.e. forklifts) peels back the many layers of technology that support enhanced safety, greater productivity, and more flexible material handling options in modern industrial facilities.

Ep 3 Cloud Collaboration: PLM Grows Up (Canvas GFX)

A leader in technical illustration software discusses the future of engineering collaboration across the entire product lifecycle, improving productivity from sales to design to support - from ideation to sunset. Canvas GFX reveals how critical product data is moving from data silos to the cloud, ushering in a new era of competitive efficiencies for both startups and global giants.

Ep 2 Not Your Grandpappy's ERP! (Epicor)

A global leader in small to mid-market digital manufacturing transformation sheds light on the beating heart of tomorrow' factory... cloud-based ERP that moves beyond yesterday's one-size-fits all software. We're talking personalized workflows, AI assistants, and out-of-the-box IoT data solutions that support new capabilities and productivity.

Ep 1 Beyond Prototyping: 3D Printing at Scale with Carbon

Jon Bruner, Head of Enterprise Strategy for San Francisco-based Carbon, explores how their industrial-scale 3D printers are enabling product engineers to go all the way to high volume production on the same hardware used for prototyping... plus technical innovations and recent real-world success stories.

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