The Fourth Industrial (R)Evolution

A podcast exploring how industrial enterprise leaders can use emerging technologies to stay competitive.

Join your host, Chad Perry - CTO, software engineer, and digital strategy expert - as he interviews the most innovative companies in the world to reveal the future of how we make, grow, move, and power things.

These are the pioneers who are enabling Industry 4.0 - making it possible for organizations in manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, energy, and every other industrial sector to drastically improve efficiency while offering better products and adopting completely new business models like internet-connected products as a service.

Each episode focuses on a single technology/provider, related state of the market, challenges to adoption, and success stories from early adopters - with emphasis on strategy, business, and leadership.

Our expert guests offer practical guidance that will help you identify problems to be solved, define business goals, figure out where technology fits into your organization, take the next steps in digital transformation, and most importantly - develop a culture of creativity and continuous improvement that embraces technology as a means to both profitability and more enjoyable work.

Enjoy the show!

Host: Chad Perry on LinkedIn (Or email me.)

Guest Information

If you represent an innovative startup or established organization that serves industrial markets and you would like to be a guest on the show... I'd like to hear from you!

Get in touch with me on LinkedIn or email (above) and we'll set up a brief intro call to determine if it's a good fit. Interviews are fully remote calls recorded in your browser with up to two guests from your organization.

Each episode receives a dedicated page with a permalink and built-in audio player. There is no cost to participate but we do ask that you share your episode link via your social media channels.

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